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“Caddy came to our practice to assess our situation prior to developing and delivering a specific training course for our staff. The course not only gave us more knowledge and practical help in managing potentially violent patients, but was also very helpful in promoting good communication skills with all patients.”

Susan Meyer
Practice Manager, Reigate

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Conflict Management in Healthcare

Conflict in the Health Service, as highlighted recently in the media, in articles and on the television, is on the increase.

With increasing expectations from the public on the degree and standard of service they should expect to receive from the health service, coupled with the pressures from the Government to supply those standards whilst cutting costs, health service employees are getting conflict from every angle.

The constraints of time and the demand on scarce resources can prove demoralising and de-motivating.

By communicating and behaving pro-actively and effectively with managers, consultants, patients and fellow colleagues, a lot of these pressures can be alleviated.

Caddy are specialists in Conflict Management and utilising their in depth knowledge of Healthcare and skills of Aikido, can develop powerful and effective courses for your staff.

Typical healthcare topics:-
  • Risk Assessment.
  • Use of body language and other communication skills.
  • Causes and triggers of conflict.
  • De-escalation techniques.
  • Importance of appearance – uniform etc.
  • Impact of drugs and disease on behaviour.
  • Legislation – policies and procedures
Training requirements:-

The ideal qualifications to deliver effective training in this specialised area are:-

Conflict management in Healthcare
  • Medical qualifications.
  • Professional trainer.
  • Business qualification.
  • Nursing and management experience.
  • Martial artist.

Caddy has the lot!

For more information ring Caddy on 0870 7772221.

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