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“Caddy's course content and training delivery was relevant, exciting and very memorable - our managers were still talking about it weeks after the event!!”

Ajay Mehta
Head of Fundraising
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Unique Training methods

No training is worthwhile unless it is memorable, relevant and delivers solutions that are easily put into practice.

Caddy’s training methods incorporate the unique skills and principles of martial arts to illustrate all aspects of communication skills, resolving conflict, empowerment, creativity and managing change in an unforgettable and interactive manner.

Our consultants are highly skilled, top class martial artists. They are also experienced, professional trainers with in-depth knowledge of business and people management. The training is immediately recognisable and absolutely relevant to the common place occurrences that business professionals have to
deal with day to day.

Unique training methods

There is extensive use of interactive techniques, group work, exercises, white board / flip chart work, videos etc. No power point presentations are used.

Training can be delivered at your work base or practice, which means all your staff can get the same training at the same time without having to go elsewhere.

We can deliver anything from a two hour motivational “taster”, to spice up your current corporate days, to a two day course to maximise your staff’s communication skills, personal development and productivity.

Extensive use of interactive techniques

The training is suitable for all personnel and skill mix.

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