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“Caddy Consulting made the Lone Worker training, fun, interesting and thought provoking for all that attended. By delivering the training with Aikido principles it turned a typically dry topic into a course that added value but was enjoyable at the same time.”

Gemma Simmonds
Training Officer
King Sturge LLP

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Safety and Awareness for Lone Workers

There are many types of Lone Workers. The obvious lone workers include ‘field based’ personnel, such as community medical and social staff, estate agents and tradespeople, who visit people’s homes constantly. There is also the not so obvious lone workers, such as receptionists in an office where all their colleagues may be out or behind closed doors.

Providing a safe work environment, as far as is reasonably possible, is the responsibility of every employer. However, every individual has a responsibility to help maintain that environment and for their own personal safety, as well as being accountable for their own behaviour to others.

By using the Aikido philosophy and techniques, along with practical solutions and strategies potentially dangerous situations may be avoided and staff confidence enhanced.

Aims of the Course:-
  • To raise the awareness of the importance of personal safety for lone workers.
  • To identify the common causes and triggers of conflict.
  • To be able to perform a personal risk assessment of situations delegates may encounter in their working day.
  • To develop an understanding of Aikido principles and how they can help avoid or diffuse difficult situations.
  • To provide delegates with practical tools, advice and the confidence to deal with difficult or aggressive situations.
  • To identify how these principles can be productive and effective in every day life and work activities.
Practical tools and confidence to deal with difficult situations

As result of your training you will feel safer and more confident. For more information ring Caddy on 0870 7772221.

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