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Conflict Management
Conflict Management
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“Caddy Consulting made the Lone Worker training, fun, interesting and thought provoking for all that attended. By delivering the training with Aikido principles it turned a typically dry topic into a course that added value but was enjoyable at the same time.”

Gemma Simmonds
Training Officer
King Sturge LLP

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Conflict Management

‘Conflict in itself is neither good nor bad – it just is!’ Kestner & Ray (2002). Situations that may lead to conflict arise continually in everyday life, because of people’s reactions to the circumstances or the actions of others.

Conflict in the business world, the service industries and in public services such as in the NHS, is on the increase. Whether between staff and clients, or between staff themselves, the cost is crippling in money, time, personal stress and working relationships.

Caddy consultants are specialists in this area. Using their unique skills as aikido experts, together with their professional business and training expertise, Caddy develops highly successful and memorable courses ‘tailor-made’ for your workplace.

By managing conflict we can save your people, time and money.

Each course is developed individually therefore the specific training outcomes will differ, however the general outcomes are as follows:-

General Training Outcomes:-
  • You will develop the abilities to recognise, avoid and resolve conflicts in dealing with difficult people, problematic staff issues and disruptive behaviour.
  • You will discover how powerful the principles of Aikido are in conflict resolution.
  • You will gain an understanding of the nature of conflict, both verbal and physical.
  • You will acquire the skills and knowledge to utilise good communication techniques.
  • You will learn about the legislation regarding violence and aggression.
  • You will gain practical skills on how to deal with verbal and physical abuse calmly and pro-actively.
  • You will learn how to identify risk both social and environmental.
Practical skills to deal with abuse

As result of your training you will feel safer and more confident. For more information ring Caddy on 0870 7772221.