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Conflict Management
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Welcome to Caddy

Caddy is a unique training and management consultancy specialising in ‘Resolving Conflict’ and ‘Managing Change’. Caddy uses the martial art of Aikido to deliver unforgettable training that works.

If training is not memorable then you are wasting your money!

By being memorable, Caddy training courses give you more of what you’ve paid for.
We specialise in managing conflict in Healthcare, Business and the Voluntary sectors, having specialists qualified in all of these fields.

As well as having business and training expertise our consultants are also highly experienced Aikido martial art practitioners. This means they are very disciplined, have a great work ethic, are sensitive to peoples feelings and are extremely capable at putting themselves in your place This unique perspective is integrated in the training making the courses interactive, fun, memorable and highly successful.

Caddy will create courses for you specific to your industry. We will develop action plans for instant implementation and follow up the success of your actions post training to ensure the training has been worthwhile.

The courses will reflect the needs of your industry in all aspects of Conflict and Change with additional related topics such as, Empowerment, Creativity, Communication skills, Management and Leadership skills and Managing Diversity.

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Unique techniques to resolve conflict and manage change